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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
605c8fc7-5aa2-4ce4-994f-b9a3eb994d02__bm-30274 BM 30274 DUL dul dul-lu
c632bf0d-1227-405d-843d-6b94ce86f0c8__bm-30274 BM 30274 U u u
bb8e6207-f09b-405e-bef4-63fdd185f4fe__bm-30274 BM 30274 MEŠ I.ÌR- u4-mu.MEŠ
1d2f6eac-90f9-476f-951b-d52fed6b064d__bm-30274 BM 30274 UD u4 u4-mu.MEŠ
a5274e2a-ff9d-4edd-9313-523db9e25bdb__bm-30274 BM 30274 BE IDIM I.IDIM-ia
9941cbc8-6e3e-4b14-984c-5711f01b20cf__bm-30274 BM 30274 ARAD ÌR I.ÌR-ia
bb0f3cf5-1917-446e-ae6d-1960840b8e57__bm-30274 BM 30274 LUGAL LUGAL LUGAL
477303ac-4b2f-4c17-a424-a941f23c62ae__bm-30274 BM 30274 MUŠ muš I.da-ri-ia-muš
5f788b06-66a0-4083-9c5d-ada88ca3cca6__bm-30274 BM 30274 IA ia I.da-ri-ia-muš
359365fe-7ef3-49ff-b936-63efaefa9abb__bm-30274 BM 30274 RI ri I.da-ri-ia-muš
d1ce223c-bc48-44a3-b88e-7a7e6e999459__bm-30274 BM 30274 DA da I.da-ri-ia-muš
fd547ad0-ae32-469e-970b-69be1dcd6b70__bm-30274 BM 30274 KAM KAM MU.24.KAM
1c5f4aa7-87d0-403c-bba2-8cef0e1705e1__bm-30274 BM 30274 MU MU MU.24.KAM
9eebc3ea-035d-4eed-bbc1-ca69d12c1b86__bm-30274 BM 30274 GU4 GU4 ITI.GU4
b96bfb08-8c59-4ee6-b937-bd28dbc10ab9__bm-30274 BM 30274 ITU ITI ITI.GU4
193da4fc-9dde-4f85-a1e3-148700918ff6__bm-30274 BM 30274 TA TA TA ITI.GU4
8484bf53-884c-4353-9388-af2f58e5ee52__bm-30270 BM 30270 LUGAL LUGAL LUGAL E.KI
386d13b1-f6c7-440d-9ea6-3801998ddb88__bm-30270 BM 30270 MUŠ muš I.da-ri-iá-muš
1276caa9-8aee-4141-8d03-556b28982e0c__bm-30270 BM 30270 I.da-ri-iá-muš
e03bd48c-0c78-4679-9d62-a458e927574a__bm-30270 BM 30270 RI ri I.da-ri-iá-muš
84b35041-8bed-4334-9a9d-03713fa1b11d__bm-30270 BM 30270 DA da I.da-ri-iá-muš
be1369ba-0ad1-452a-8a55-192beb8aa904__bm-30270 BM 30270 KAM KAM UD.6.KAM
a7256da8-6d4e-4614-9aa7-06ce10b23e68__bm-30270 BM 30270 NI ni I.d.UTU-ib-ni
b091b0af-5ece-42ae-85af-50f31d62b2a9__bm-30270 BM 30270 IB ib I.d.UTU-ib-ni
faafbb8f-6e99-47bf-8b25-720ec1e337ee__bm-30270 BM 30270 SU su I.d+AG-DIN-su-E