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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
d86c1bf0-95ff-4bb7-bcf1-6df0d385466f__bm-30370 BM 30370 MU MU I.d+AG-MU
4a98f4cc-8013-40b9-9206-0bec0bd63d2f__bm-30370 BM 30370 KI ki I.ši-rik-ki
977142f2-44fa-4150-8c27-3028c599b203__bm-30370 BM 30370 ŠIM rik I.ši-rik-ki
faab4a8c-bd0d-439f-808f-cd94da8df8e3__bm-30370 BM 30370 AMAR ṣur iṣ-ṣur
5e024ed7-bb79-4b16-8c6e-70b2037ac2e5__bm-30370 BM 30370 HAL hal hal-la
181f7f0f-e2ab-4a2d-9b49-6c4277f14a98__bm-30370 BM 30370 NU nu gìn-nu
5439f76d-d8df-4b94-b77f-f643237b4e42__bm-30370 BM 30370 KUR gìn gìn-nu
9695b4b2-3967-4eae-87d4-fe0629ad914e__bm-30370 BM 30370 ṬU GÍN 10 GÍN
d61f9d33-7a5c-467c-9b17-d4e7f7086fc5__bm-30370 BM 30370 UD BABBAR KÙ.BABBAR
1eb90c9b-af62-4d26-853d-19078b73442f__bm-30370 BM 30370 KÙ.BABBAR
adb345d0-6bb7-4fcc-ad97-f224c2b2e18c__bm-30370 BM 30370 MA MA MA.NA
5899e165-2f18-4e21-be53-cdb7f1f72aa5__bm-30370 BM 30370 NA na a-na
30cff6cf-2e7e-435e-b76a-e7056e470427__bm-30370 BM 30370 LUH sukal I.ZÁLAG-d.pap-sukal
b26fdb1c-a2a9-4a20-80ce-559c84ddd7ed__bm-30370 BM 30370 PAP pap I.ZÁLAG-d.pap-sukal
33eaee04-2d49-41cc-b8ef-f11121fd439a__bm-30370 BM 30370 ZAB ZÁLAG I.ZÁLAG-d.pap-sukal
1da849c7-9083-438d-95fd-46a383ab234d__bm-30370 BM 30370 ŠI šiši
8db92f07-4103-4622-ad49-4b0a4728aee9__bm-30370 BM 30370 BA baši
fd82c872-e5dc-43e3-a8bd-5cb2d8a14f67__bm-30370 BM 30370 A aši
ba67fa6d-5d6c-4ce6-931b-dc1c04fc0f4f__bm-30370 BM 30370 LA laši
20644e7f-53e5-4aea-8177-af53c07e11f4__bm-30370 BM 30370 E e me-e-šú
ada22984-761b-4dde-a4e3-3c6e40381c55__bm-30370 BM 30370 ME me me-e-šú
253e57df-5260-46da-848b-a067020cf966__bm-30370 BM 30370 BE bat šu-bat
ae17b468-a6a4-46ce-94dd-3ea19cccb2bd__bm-30370 BM 30370 ŠU šu šu-bat
a8e50855-aba7-4e24-afe0-fd8f3fceec87__bm-30370 BM 30370 ŠÚ šú rap-šú
e569bf89-642c-4c08-a3a6-8088c957e20a__bm-30370 BM 30370 RAB rap rap-šú
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