Achaemenid History XV n. 111 |

Place (Region) Borsippa (Borsippa)
Archive Ibnāya A None
CDLI no.
Museum Number BM 29411
Scribe Kudurru/Šamaš-[x]/Ibnāya
Period | Year | Range nB | 593 | 593 - 592 (BC)
Babylonian Date Nbk05- [ ]-12
Comment to Date
Text Type Prebend contract
Content (Probably) an cancellation of a sales contract of a butcher’s prebend
Distinctive Protagonists
Bibliography Waerzeggers, C., The Ezida Temple of Borsippa. Priesthood, Cult, Archives. Leiden: Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Osten, 2010 (= Achaemenid History XV)

6 Glyphs

Sign: ID
Reading: it
Context: it-ti
Note: l.10
ID: 5fa3f6e7-f96a-4440-a9b4-c91a1d00e383__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111

Sign: MEŠ
Reading: MEŠ
Context: u4-mu.MEŠ
Note: l.3
ID: 07cf9ac1-1d12-487c-9e60-b5be178ef1b8__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111

Sign: KI
Reading: ki
Note: PN (l.17)
ID: 1c47887c-cd29-4f76-952b-eddd65da2aac__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111

Sign: Ú
Reading: ú
Context: nab-ru-ú
Note: l.3
ID: fd4c2c3a-e8dd-4730-89b9-9574000b62b8__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111

Sign: DI
Reading: di
Context: ṣi-di-tu4
Note: l.2
ID: a0d6212a-0b58-4bd4-96a8-fde3877c5cd3__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111

Sign: ṢI
Reading: ṣi
Context: ṣi-di-tu4
Note: l.2
ID: 02d8bf95-6117-4181-b96e-5189ea695816__achaemenid-history-xv-n-111