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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
568ed342-3614-4de2-9d33-c75dff013810__abl-1106 ABL 1106 TI ti [ši-pir]-ti
776c8450-e888-4c77-b91f-ebb82e03fae1__abl-1106 ABL 1106 KA ka ka-nik-ti
14cf8888-e738-4650-81d0-3d2dd30e3b90__abl-1106 ABL 1106 UM um um-ma
97630542-bef6-43e2-ad99-fba76b4eb1f2__abl-1106 ABL 1106 NA na I.SUM-na-a
4fba3a6e-fb31-4afb-b900-2b147fbe537d__abl-1106 ABL 1106 A a I.SUM-na-a
1433296e-8c3e-465b-b21f-4fb08187b4e4__abl-1106 ABL 1106 ŠÁ šá šá
3242a6e9-8e59-4605-9c0d-04001b978d8a__abl-1106 ABL 1106 SU su Id.30-DIN-su-iq-bi
030db77d-8362-4ef2-9ced-c24b32a77eb9__abl-1106 ABL 1106 MA ma um-ma
9bd646b9-dc52-4cc2-9cb4-547d512b0b9b__abl-1106 ABL 1106 LA la la
435511aa-e3dd-46bb-97a5-5f88314429f1__abl-1106 ABL 1106 UL ul ul
2505879b-a028-4164-9b11-6890632d5085__abl-1106 ABL 1106 LÚ.EN.NAM
ff89957a-92ce-41b6-8164-b7f98d135dfc__abl-1106 ABL 1106 EN EN LÚ.EN.NAM
013e736f-86fc-4299-a4da-69602a51e6f0__abl-1106 ABL 1106 Ù ù ù
918ef91f-8554-4d6a-a3f9-7c8e0d2c78fb__abl-1106 ABL 1106 MU mu e-mu-qa
34e48d9e-258d-4887-a625-6510369d2dbe__abl-1106 ABL 1106 QA qa e-mu-qa
8484b841-738e-497e-aec2-33fd81f10898__abl-1106 ABL 1106 KU ku UGU-ḫi-ku-nu
ff76498b-fad9-406e-bfff-799cb7e50324__abl-1106 ABL 1106 NU nu UGU-ḫi-ku-nu
f2097a12-9e0e-46d5-8bdb-c9671e78359f__abl-1106 ABL 1106 IL il il-la-ku
b69960b8-acc3-4d74-b5b7-c1ca4755ed57__abl-1106 ABL 1106 RA ra ra-man-gu-nu
ae7774d3-ed72-4e33-a1ce-0e1aa76eb31d__abl-1106 ABL 1106 MAN man ra-man-gu-nu
b3ac466b-b314-4def-9fc9-e7b04602481b__abl-1106 ABL 1106 IA ia LÚ.A-KIN-ia
55b8acb8-e93a-491b-bfde-4bf207580828__abl-1106 ABL 1106 GAL GAL LÚ.GAL.MEŠ
5d650b80-fd0b-4ead-bf07-9abc8336ab2d__abl-1106 ABL 1106 MEŠ MEŠ LÚ.GAL.MEŠ
9caef9de-3646-43a1-9983-f2a18f0a4a68__abl-1106 ABL 1106 Ú ú lu-ú
a1e6d073-474f-41f1-9e41-9e3a10b816db__abl-1106 ABL 1106 I i i-di
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