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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
d9ef44b9-9a1b-4f41-a8ab-66d14e840721 YOS 6 52 e e-li-tu
b24df5bb-68dd-435e-a86b-41b7b26d5cfa YOS 19 38 ina ina muh-hi
7d08e358-afca-4bf0-8897-c9087194771b NCBT 535 pa ina pa-ni-šú-nu
493e57a7-564f-48f0-8439-3882bd051c16 BM 74457
ed93f99f-705e-4f1b-a45f-55cefd8b201c YOS 19 098
2f7ec942-105b-4d32-8088-00c22d94efa5 YOS 7 196 al al-la
d2a5f8ef-8009-4bf4-b46e-a8160133c028 BM 26176
9e845e7b-1a0e-4a14-ad1a-af1ce81e74ed__ybc-9578 YBC 9578 taš LÚ.taš-liš
8eb1cf68-357d-4f8a-a813-e495297a8e2e__oip-114-2 OIP 114 2 su a-bu-us-su
d84d6583-0d04-49e6-9182-983d7d081be6__oip-114-92 OIP 114 92 ṭa ṭa-a-bu
dcf440ed-8fe9-4b5b-a1eb-f11d23cfc504__ner-24 Ner 24
4dddd1a8-3f91-4dbf-a873-70eb37fc8268 YOS 6 52 A a a-ki-i
44214bff-ef68-4669-b189-9fb2056fdd13 BE 10 82 A a URU.Ha-am-ba-na-a-a
46c2f5e5-a6c2-4d38-9a6b-4acbec8fcf7e JCS 36 8 A A IM.RI.A
8b6a0e4b-6ca7-4468-b89e-d6dee4cd3301 NCBT 873 A A A-šú šá
af835f82-1885-4cec-b06f-fac1a2468c5b BM 50509 A a I.NUMUN-a-a
b1689776-5679-435d-8e6b-d6febeca86e0 YOS 6 64 A a a-na
58f2cc74-f21d-47dd-a888-221c841f4fc9 BCHP 18 A a MU-a-tì
830dca74-3cf8-4df2-b6e6-563fe1ff589f BCHP 17 A a a-šá-bi
YOS2024_NCBT1938obva_12 YOS 20 24 A a tsa-a-tu4
56eccce1-542c-47b3-bb33-d55cb56e28fa YBC 3527 A a a-na
c5ae7b29-f5db-481e-bb45-85af5d351737 BM 42363 A A A-šú
879f7170-ac47-41a8-bdae-e7d87076c732 YOS 19 279 A a I.d.Na-na-a-SÍSKUR
0753549e-5e22-468b-8dbc-246ef0f23d8a YOS 17 302 A a ka-a-re
2620d1a5-3f8b-403c-84f4-4ab8c23532b7 BM 42571 A a a-di-i
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