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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
dcf440ed-8fe9-4b5b-a1eb-f11d23cfc504__ner-24 Ner 24
14c5c9c9-c491-4a0b-97eb-00b71957a351 YOS 6 52 MI
23a5dbc3-a3e8-41d6-8c6c-46d7c83543b2 BOR 2 58 AN
d18de739-f72a-479c-832d-08443c0a4f9b YOS 19 44 LA
04252976-365e-4afa-86e8-3eda0dd1a724 YOS 7 189 MIR
1bf375b7-23c2-47cb-869a-9a109019360c BM 114803 A' šu-'-iš-ti
39e105bc-65b2-44ec-be64-a01b68ea5adf BM 50548 MU
0c1243bc-6c1c-4350-bc06-2848b65aa56d BM 74457 ŠÁM
493e57a7-564f-48f0-8439-3882bd051c16 BM 74457
c1a70cde-14d2-4d23-a540-4d08889dfa26 AD -137A PI
b40f144d-81e8-4123-ac9d-f436fe95eaec BM 114801 TIR
833d0f08-2d14-4f2f-8582-be2a5e72865d YOS 17 203 LU
fb95c27c-06c3-4350-8a8e-49c94e7255fa BM 79364 HI
ed93f99f-705e-4f1b-a45f-55cefd8b201c YOS 19 098
d2a5f8ef-8009-4bf4-b46e-a8160133c028 BM 26176
97e3fded-4188-4e1a-849a-873d8bbca410__oip-114-5 OIP 114 5 A' 'i lu-ba-'i-i-ma
9b48b964-bb35-414c-905b-d53df0b7b858 AD -366A A' 'i LÚ.mu-ma-'i-ir-ú-tu
f6a9f633-83b2-4a4b-b05b-cdc2d36e0611 BRM 2 19 A' 'u 60-'u-ú
39cdc7a3-1d2d-48f8-8c51-6ad6e175c72e YBC 11390 EN 1+en 1+en
76530a31-3c8a-4a30-ab63-5db43f0fdcd8__yos-17-258 YOS 17 258 ID 1+et 1+et
8ed23d15-507c-4992-8b5b-38c6cfff6997 YBC 11476 ŠU 1+ŠU 1+ŠU
3996d8cf-a0a9-42e2-b85b-f27a0169ab8e AD -96A BAR 1/2 1/2 KÙŠ
148cd2e8-fbdc-41a7-bc75-ab594b6408c1__bm-49553 BM 49553 BAR 1/2
5ff3b507-c530-438a-927b-a2fdc2a48bb0 BM 49469 MAN 20 20 GUR
ee963512-5746-42f1-a520-143b88e663df__achaemenid-history-xv-n-57 BM 22081 30
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