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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
49496583-a862-473b-a099-ab0dd38a36e7__abl-1106 ABL 1106 DI di i-di
e2274e2f-cdc1-4008-85bb-80cb09eb4f57__abl-1106 ABL 1106 PA pa pa-ni-šú
4812a9bd-9653-4d10-8ac5-54a7e65f04a4__abl-1106 ABL 1106 NI ni pa-ni-šú
50374467-1d57-4300-b4c9-5009d9f5608d__abl-1106 ABL 1106 ŠÚ šú pa-ni-šú
43cce20b-d169-4733-a58a-f7f0fb11f427__abl-1106 ABL 1106 AN an i-zi-ir-an-na-ši
0912a24b-451c-4e56-97c2-1f71ed0f1b94__abl-1106 ABL 1106 BI bi bi-'i-il-ti
a5a1cad4-fc24-45c5-a687-aa61aed4ce13__abl-1106 ABL 1106 IB ib ib-ba-kan-ni
390d2c5a-9027-4ab3-b421-b00570b2b9f4__abl-1106 ABL 1106 BA ba ib-ba-kan-ni
8ddb2b3b-9c01-47c9-9b91-f579ca807846__abl-1106 ABL 1106 UNUG UNUG UNUG.KI
6bbd33ef-bf64-41dc-8a83-257cc7099e2c__abl-1106 ABL 1106 KI KI UNUG.KI
bd6030f2-3238-4905-a411-8044a5ac8835__abl-1204 ABL 1204 KI ki ki-i
e95b2f09-b22d-4326-96dc-16cf8b1c7641__abl-1204 ABL 1204 U u u
6ebacdcc-1b8d-48e1-9e20-06a7956baa4c__abl-1204 ABL 1204 MEŠ MEŠ GAZ.MEŠ
03d7f15f-647d-439e-a76a-c07bbcd437d3__abl-1204 ABL 1204 UL ul ul-tu
1caa59f3-9dba-4d9f-b9e5-c2702bdfd812__abl-1204 ABL 1204 TU tu ul-tu
d4dd8538-d605-4923-bed8-8cfd45b6ffa9__abl-1204 ABL 1204 MI mi mi-tu-tu
ea83d452-5516-480b-87c0-071428d31dbb__abl-1204 ABL 1204 ŠÁ šá šá
6fc59e5f-b936-48d0-a47c-c217cc7806de__abl-1204 ABL 1204 LUGAL LUGAL LUGAL
706769f1-b705-497d-a82b-5ced315b13e6__abl-1204 ABL 1204 BI bi ṭa-a-bi
770265ba-4d88-4a35-86f3-b7c4478b0560__abl-1204 ABL 1204 ME ME ŠEŠ.ME-e-a
bc5e207b-8f9a-4d03-a5e5-66383fc52f4d__abl-1204 ABL 1204 AM am am-mì-ni
b6e3140f-b9a0-439d-90f5-0337978207b4__abl-1204 ABL 1204 MU MU Id.EN-MU-iš-kun
82d1b7ca-762f-4c3b-ac38-111dc25659dc__abl-1204 ABL 1204 LA la I.ṣil-la-a
c6312a18-9023-48f5-90a8-b097cd3f832c__abl-1204 ABL 1204 A a I.ṣil-la-a
396b4eba-b123-4de4-895b-b1601ce5dcf8__abl-1204 ABL 1204 UNUG UNUG UNUG.KI