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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
39d902c9-5771-47f0-a45a-8038467636fe YBC 3530 A a a-di
b78da3ff-5b21-4b4f-ae24-5324908d01f0 NCBT 540 A a a-na-áš-šá-am-ma
f8c12a6c-5507-4383-93bf-6f26b462d55f YBC 3504 A a KUŠ.na-a-a-ru
4d26248e-d21a-4c3e-8615-bfc5c7f498c6 BM 87228 A a I.Pa-da-a
8970ee1c-18a7-4c2b-8f9a-f2609dc3978f YBC 11390 A a a-na
fa51ab28-9324-44ed-9da6-102fb7fea554 YBC 17067 A A A.ŠÀ
78cb7c2d-b517-4f20-a74c-51247e55ed7d NCBT 1093 A a d.Na-na-a
aaf0bce9-ce6d-48cc-8611-f32b37b98391 JCS 36 4 A A A.ENGUR
afe5bf5c-85ce-4529-a9ed-010b66c5aa10 NBC 4513 A a a-na
038baca6-9ac1-45ac-a821-fb843acb3eba NBC 4836 A a a-na
45fdcbed-cb0b-4fb3-a694-90568ffece98 BM 49373 A A U8.UDU.ḪI.A
6053053e-0f8f-48c8-8540-c8952459af2e YOS 19 34 A a4 ŠE.BAR a4 60+5 GUR
3b742381-780e-4ecd-b0dd-e002666ed2c9 AD -273B A A HI.A
7201b6b6-3796-4c9b-bef2-90a269ec5ad5 YOS 6 171 A a i-da-a-ti
b2f73c5f-585c-4214-8cd8-cd58bd784eee AD -155A A a dul-la-a-tú
c63a66fa-6ae8-446c-b9ea-1a39b73fe945 BM 49469 A a a-ki-i
5ef55619-adaf-4643-9502-1e762a5bc89f CT 49 159 A A A šá
a5d91362-bde5-4d5a-89d2-0f065e209a13 YOS 9 82 A a a-šar-šú
8195f8b4-af33-4316-81d8-5d8b1cf982b3 BM 42415 A a a-di
121a0167-d2e8-4e40-bde7-56d2410ee199 YOS 19 17 A a f.Nu-up-ta-a
492c9ac3-1549-48e1-95aa-c7a2cd1c6f2b YBC 11566 A a qaq-qa-ra-a-ta
eac580c7-6a32-4a9c-8d51-8e015f8d1b96 YBC 11566 A A PN1 A PN2
b5d9feed-6a2b-4d84-b6c9-acbce55bc334 AD -140C A a MU-a-tì
e5e78c3a-effc-4edd-a502-5e312896d49c BCHP 5 A a URU Si-lu-ku-a
0b23452c-0066-4802-9f9f-f8f1cb609b2c AD -168A A a LÚ.gar-du-ú-a-a