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Glyph Tablet Sign Reading Context
f318389f-13ac-4322-ba42-38491e4b9066__achaemenid-history-xv-n-86 BM 29040 30
dea0cae4-418c-4b1e-83c6-d2cd3e5b0e6e__achaemenid-history-xv-n-88 BM 29206 30
eb2c0e1f-857c-4ce9-9527-62f2891f7330__nbn-678 Nbn 678 30 I.ZÁLAG-d.30
068d8258-2983-431d-8908-af099c4e424a__achaemenid-history-xv-n-126 BM 25857 30
c0831d9e-0bad-4663-afa7-ebeb2feedd4a__achaemenid-history-xv-n-90 BM 28918 30
ba1d8701-9461-4793-b268-26f6a99847f6__nbn-697 BM 31020 30 I.ZALÁG-d.30
fbf3b705-52ca-4ebf-ab29-803ec8604e2a__achaemenid-history-xv-n-40 BM 26726 30 I.KI-DIN-d.30
19ed89bc-0e95-4397-83ef-63c3af8b58c3__bm-74470 BM 74470 30 I.d.30-tab-ni
8d1cc73f-5989-493e-bf54-5cf59df4ee2a__nbn-344 Nbn 344 30 I. ZÁLAG-d.30
7a5207d3-d346-4a61-a9f3-219bb341c4d6__cyr-183 Cyr 183 (Roth 1989, n. 19) 30 I.d.30-DÙ
70e51941-820d-4d58-8b66-39bae99bdadc__cusas-28-71a CUSAS 28 71a 30 I.d.30-AD-ÙRU
8d308c1d-630b-4ac9-a0df-c25f398308bc__bm-113929 BM 113929 30 I.d.30-bar-hi-DINGIR.MEŠ
0c181712-df74-4a20-a58b-6ba975baf5d3__nbn-103 Nbn 103 30 I.ZÁLAG-d.30
0555b054-7e4e-4faa-b4ae-d02553812699__camb-147 Camb 147 30 I.ZÁLAG-d.30
eac580c7-6a32-4a9c-8d51-8e015f8d1b96 YBC 11566 A A PN1 A PN2
45fdcbed-cb0b-4fb3-a694-90568ffece98 BM 49373 A A U8.UDU.ḪI.A
7163ad12-ac7e-4eb4-9a25-5d8fb71fc33f__bm-78651 BM 78651 A A SAḪAR.ḪI.A
c2a9d116-2f23-4806-828c-6635cc9f677b__yos-6-151 YOS 6 151 A A A-šú šá
dd7c5998-94d2-4f08-a54f-c5f20c946121 BM 114803 A A I.KAL-a
267cbad4-9a5f-469b-946b-14a6a9920718__camb-397 Camb. 397 A A A-šú šá
ad388863-3685-46e1-adc4-6e0a96bd4f4e__bm-92707 BM 92707 A A A
d446b5f4-9d43-45c2-bef1-d6c635402e61__achaemenid-history-xv-n-42 BM 102317 A A ŠUK.HI.A
b8c9621a-d80b-4f6a-bc06-06c05d6f358b__bm-78064 BM 78064 A A A.ŠÀ
c5ae7b29-f5db-481e-bb45-85af5d351737 BM 42363 A A A-šú
b5f69320-31f1-40c2-98cc-4f113c803d19__nbn-344 Nbn 344 A A A PN